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This Horror Movies Blog is the news and update source for Horror Movie Freak, the essential guide for elevating the casual horror movie fan to True Freak Status.

Written by Don Sumner, Editor in Chief of Best-Horror-Movies.com and expert on horror movie locales for USA Today, Horror Movie Freak recommends and explores the fright flicks all horror fans need to see to ascend to the level of a true horror freak.

Selected by a panel of judges, independent filmmakers and writers, the salute to horror movies includes classics (Frankenstein and The Wolfman), newer movies (Saw and The Descent) and lesser-known gems (Dog Soldiers). Movies are divided into various categories including Asian horror, homicidal slashers, supernatural thrillers and zombie invasion.

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Sep 19, 2010, Horror Movie Reviews of the book Horror Movie Freak

Horror Movie Reviews are covered in the book Horror Movie Freak, and here is the hype about the book around the web.

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Sep 15, 2010, Buy Horror Movie Freak, Autographed!

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Aug 13, 2010, Buy Horror Movie Freak!

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