Are You a Horror Movie Freak?

George A. Romero

"... This is an excellent guide for Horror Freaks and aspiring horror movie makers. If you're not already a Freak, Horror Movie Freak will turn you into one, so be careful... and stay scared.".

--George A. Romero, Horror Movies legend and director of Night of the Living Dead

Free DVD Included

Night of the Living Dead DVD included with HMF, with a special video introduction by author Don Sumner

Horror Movie Freak is a fun and engaging book written by Editor in Chief Don Sumner. The fright flicks that all horror fans need to see to ascend to the level of True Horror Freak are discussed.

Elevate from a Casual Fan to True Horror Freak

All the horror sub-genres and categories are covered, including:

  • Aberrations of Nature
  • Aliens and Outer Space
  • Asian Horror
  • Horror for Beginners
  • The Classics
  • Evil From Hell
  • Ghost Stories
  • Vampires
  • Zombie Invasion
  • And Tons More...

Plus there is a special section for horror remakes, including modernizations, encapsulations, foreign horror for U.S. Audiences and Reimaginings.

Honorable Mention Horror Movies include Campy Cheese (Sleepaway Camp, Motel Hell), BANNED Horror (Cannibal Holocaust, Silent Night, Deadly Night) and other films that may not be great... but are absolutely essential in the quest for horror movie freakdom.